Department of Solo Instruments and Music Theory

The department is responsible for training students in the violin, viola, cello and double bass. After 8 semesters of studies graduate students obtain a music teaching degree. During their studies they usually join the Győr University Orchestra. Apart from their instrumental music skills, technical progress and musical performance is regularly assessed at recitals and end-of-term examinations. Students also have the possibility to take part in the musical events of the city. Those in the higher academic years have permission to take a part-time job in music schools and professional orchestras.

At our institute this Department is responsible for co-ordinating the subjects of music theory, solfeggio, the history and aesthetics of music and folk music as well as their methods of requirements and recitation. The solfeggio theory as a main subject and the additional course for training solfeggio teachers and choir conductors for primary schools also belong to this department, as well as the basic rules of composing, which is a compulsory course for the students in the organ course. For 4th year students, special musical seminars are offered as an optional subject. This academic year, “Haydn’s oeuvre” was offered. In the future new seminars will be offered, for example, significant mass compositions in the history of music; Mussorgsky’s oeuvre, and the history of string quartets.