Department of Orchestral Instruments

As well as piano, training in organ, percussion instruments, guitar and singing are offered with one trainer for each subject. Our aim is to give the students special and general knowledge over 8 semesters, which enables them to work in their special field. We strive to have our students think independently and maintain continuous self-study. Instrumental music and the familiarity with musical compositions should develop their character, aesthetic sense, and personality.  All majors offered in the departments of the Music Academy except for singing are at the university level. Since none of the majors (except for percussion instruments) train for orchestral music, special attention is paid to chamber music and singing in the choir. This is a basic of instrumental studies, while singing provides a basis to build upon the sound formation of piano and organ music.

The department is also responsible for the teaching of woodwinds and brass instruments, the teaching of methodological subjects and also organizes and oversees the practical training in the music school. The students learn the history of instruments, the functions of respiratory organs, the correct posture and mouth shaping and teaching tasks at a basic level. They also learn the wind parts of compositions, paying special attention to the problems of unity and intonation. They deal with the problems of teaching phrasing, shaping, theory of art, memorisation and the development of musical creativity.